Alive4Life Holistic Allied Health

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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey! 
Come and join us and create your own journey!

An Idea is Born!

Alive4Life Holistic Allied Health has a strong value base which sets apart from other organisations. Alive4Life works with Clients and the community to provide as much opportunity as possible to grow. Our unique 6-week transformation plan works on the mind, body and soul and we are always with our Clients every step of their amazing journey! TRANSFORM!

Our Proud Executive Team!

Meet Kerrie and Kelly: our proud and enthusiastic executive team! 
Between both they have over 20 years experience in health, business and connection and are eager to support you on your own personal journey. They are supported by an amazing team of people who see you holistically, in all, and give you the best possible outcome for your goals. 

Happy Clients! Happy Life!

Client centred approach and a robust Quality Management Framework ensures that clients are receiving the best quality care and support. 

This is about YOUR JOURNEY!