NDIS Group Activities

Holistic Week-Day, Week-end and Overnight Options

Bookings are taken throughout the year for our NDIS registered Week-day, Week-end and overnight group social and community participation programs.

Our full day-time and week-end group programs provide people living with disabilities the opportunity to participate in social and community activities that are meaningful, empowering, innovative and rich with learning. Activities vary across each day and choice is our organisational priority. Participants are encouraged to select their preferred activities each day and are at all times supported to try new experiences and become an active and connected part of their carefully selected peer-groups.

An example of a day at our Wellness Centre week-day program can often look like this:
  • 7.30am (Optional Wellness Bus Pickup begins)
  • 8.00am Welcome Green Juice and mingle while everyone arrives
  • 9.30am Yoga in the ACACIA Room (Or a HIIT workout in the Batman Room)
  • 10.00am Morning Tea with the Daredevil Healthy Chef
  • 10.30am Art Therapy in the DaVinci Room (Or a Bushwalking adventure)
  • 11.30am Menu creating and then Budgeting for pre-lunch shopping extravaganza in the Ratatouille room
  • 11.45am Shopping for menu items and executing budget skills and interpersonal communication
  • 12.15pm Cuisine creativity for lunch learning meal preparation, hygiene, table preparation and team work
  • 12.45pm Lunch to the music
  • 1.20pm Work-skills ( For Example; IT skills development, Communication skills development, Organisational skills learning, personal grooming etc)
  • 2.30pm 1 on 1 Personal Training, Massage, Nutritional Therapy (Participants choice)
  • 3.15pm English Grammar Extravaganza on the big Screen or Movement Therapy
  • 3.45pm HypnoMeditation Learning entrenchment
  • 4.15pm Afternoon Tea in the Ratatouille room
  • 4.45pm Packing up and stretching in the DaVinci Room & Wellness Bus departs
  • 5.00pm Home Time

** This is an example of a day a program. Activities and schedules vary day to day according to peer-groups attending and participants encouragement to exercise personal choice. Generally there are several opportunities during the week to participate in the vast range of activities available.

Week-Day Group Inclusions:
  • 9 hours of social, community, learning and recreational activities
  • Healthy Juices, meals and refreshments supervised by our registered Nutritional Therapist
  • All activities
  • Sun-screen, water bottles for out-door activities
  • All materials used in Art, Drama, Music, Movement and Creative Therapies
  • All Transport between 9.30am and 4.30pm to and from activities
  • Weekly Diary
  • 1 on 1 Vocational Learning support 30 mins per day
  • Choice of 1 on 1 Personal Training, Massage, Hypnotherapy, Nutritional Therapy, Art Therapy, Computer Skills, Cooking/meal planning skills with registered practitioner
  • Interagency connection with relevant support networks to promote personal goals such as work placements, Tafe placement opportunities, casual social or sporting group connections etc
  • Allocated Primary Health Care Coordinator as your point of call to support goals, develop plans and liaise with family (9.00am to 4.30pm weekdays only)

** From time to time our week-day activities may include day trips such as visiting sports venues, theatres, outdoor activities etc. There may be extra costs involved in these activities that aren't covered by the NDIS. However, you will be notified well in advance of these and always have the option to decide if you wish to attend and incur these fees. Alive4Life will never incur extra activity fees on participants behalf without prior expressed written permission.

Our Week-Day Fees:

Our week-day programs are inclusive of meals, activities and outings as well as 1 on 1 support throughout the day and specialist support and learning services. Our carefully trained Holistic Practitioners are always available for each participant should they require more 1 on 1 time or wish to try an activity that our groups haven't thought of.

Alive4Life do not charge additional out of pocket fees for our services above the NDIS price guide and as such, we are unable to offer shorter day activities at this time. For shorter day time options you may wish to consider our 1 on 1 services.