Lifestyle Support Options

Alive4Life offer alternative solutions to the Lifestyle support traditionally offered to people living with a disability. 

Holistic Health Therapists are specialty trained and provide dynamic support that is tailored to clients ever changing daily needs. 

The Lifestyle Support Program is flexible and each visit with the client is relevant and interesting to ensure that they are receiving the level of support they need. 

Client needs are our priority and so each one of our therapists are trained and qualified to deliver you supports such as:

Active Counselling (Walking and Talking)


Nutritional Therapy

Fitness options (cardiovascular fitness, strength training, flexibility)

General Counselling

Hypnotherapy for stress, anxiety, depression etc.

Small Business training


Work Skills preparation

Holistic Health Therapists aim to deliver much more than what generalist Lifestyle Support worker can offer because of Alive4Lifes commitment to provide therapists with ongoing professional development and up-to-date academic and practical experience. 

The Alive4Life approach is human-centered and services are tailored to the clients specific circumstances.

The Alive4Life team wants to build relationships with the client - the clients are more than a case file with a categorical needing to facilitate.